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Smart strategy isn’t easy. We help leaders make bold decisions to achieve a prosperous future.

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Join our diverse family of clients who have increased market share and enhanced brand reputation.

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We are objective.

We won't always tell you what you want to hear. That's your Mom's job. But we will tell you what you need to succeed. Sometimes it takes a fresh, objective perspective to see what you can't decipher on your own. But don't worry. While we won't completely sugarcoat the facts, we will be nice. And we promise not to use a bunch of annoying buzzwords.

We are forward thinkers.

'Business as usual' is gone...forever. We know it is critical to manage the escalating pace of change. So, we are downright obsessed about understanding trends. We keep up with the latest population, economic, generational, consumer, political, technology, and market trends, and how they affect your organization. We use this insight to develop strategy that will give you competitive advantage and staying power.

We are versatile.

We understand the unique needs of all kinds of organizations. In other words, we get it. We get that you have to: demonstrate shareholder value; increase membership; make payroll; deal with regulatory issues; develop strong people; fulfill your nonprofit mission; and inspire the bottom line.

We also get the lingo from a variety of sectors. So we know what you mean when you say, "10Q, clicks and bricks, TQM, budget hearing, variable cost, ASAE, SEO, SOX, and 360." We are nimble, and able to change swiftly to respond to an ever-changing market. The only change we refuse to do is the "bait and switch" game. That means, after you contract with Gallagher, you get Gallagher – not an entry level employee.

We are partners.

All consultants say they are partners. But we really are. Do partners invite you to lunch and then put the meal on your monthly bill? Do partners spend lots of cash on fancy digs and recoup costs by charging you higher fees? Do partners recommend expensive creative that doesn't add to the bottom line? Do partners worry more about their profits than yours? We don't.

We believe true partners are: collaborative, industrious, intelligent, creative, market-savvy, invested, and fiercely loyal. We stay with you every step of the way, no matter what. We believe our only measure of success is your bottom line, not ours. We really are true partners. And by the way, lunch is always our treat.

We are sweet.

We know our clients love the results they get from working with us. But we also know they get a kick out of our secret weapon for happy, productive meetings….chocolate. At Gallagher, we always sweeten the deal.

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